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The services for hikers along the Via Transalpina: Trouble-free hiking in the Alps

Discover the numerous services which will make your hike even more pleasant

Hiking in the Alps can be a very gratifying but also strenuous endeavor. In order to allow you to fully savor the unique and unforgettable experience of hiking within the alpine area, numerous services for hikers are available along the Via Transalpina.

The transport possibilities along the Via Transalpina:
Leave your worries at home

The sheer number of hiking possibilities within the alpine area can be overwhelming: pleasant mountain hikes, challenging routes and tours on historic paths are just a few examples of the large variety of trails which await you in the Alps. Not always it is possible to follow the desired stages for example due to time issues. Here using the transport possibilities along the Via Transalpina can be a valuable support, in order to enable you not to have to compromise on your desired destinations. Combining the different transport possibilities is a sound way to reach the starting point of your journey and to experience the trail in a softer way, deciding whether to cover the whole stages on foot or to reach your destination while alternating hiking with the public transport.

Travel by train:

Many of the main cities along the Via Transalpina can be easily reached by train. For additional information regarding train schedules and train stations, please visit the respective national train websites.
Train schedules Germany:
Train schedules Austria:
Train schedules Italy:
Train schedules South Tyrol:

Travel by bus:

Busses can be a valuable alternative for skipping a trail in order to save one’s energy for a marvelous hike to come or to reach a starting point of a trail. On average there is a passing point with a bus connection every 2 or 3 stages, which function also as very good entry or exit points.

Bus information Germany

Bus information Austria

Bus information Italy
South Tyrol
• Friuli Venezia Giulia:

Cable Cars
Enjoying the marvelous view on the alpine landscape while sitting comfortably and
in complete safety in a cable car.

Luggage free hiking along the Via Transalpina:
Don’t limit your hiking experience

Hiking along the Via Transalpina while your belongings are conveniently transported to your daily destination is the perfect way to make the most out of your travels

Enjoying a marvelous day in the Alps hiking along one of the stages and savoring the idyllic atmosphere of the area without having to carry all of your belongings? Try the luggage free hiking along the Via Transalpina! Start in the morning preparing yourself the best way possible, hike with a light daypack and arrive at your daily destination with your heavy luggage already waiting for you there.

For additional information about luggage transportation please refer to the stages’ pages.

Bike rentals along the Via Transalpina:
A pleasant variation during your hiking trip

Adding an enjoyable bike excursion to your journey along the Via Transalpina can be a welcoming alternative

Why not including a pleasant bike excursion while you hike in the Alps? You will find several bike rentals along the Via Transalpina, which often have a large variety of bikes to choose from, such as race bicycles, mountain bikes and e-bikes, as well as appropriate bike equipment. Some of these bike rentals, especially in South Tyrol, are located in close proximity of train stations, which give you also the possibility to hand in your bike in a different location.

Papin Sport Radverleih
Sanvit Bike

Hiking in complete safety in the Alps: Preparing for your experience on the Via Transalpina

With a good preparation your journey along the Via Transalpina will become even more fabulous

The unique hiking experience along the Via Transalpina is accessible to all and does not require specific mountaineering or climbing experience when the trail is snow-free. The different stages are constituted from different paths, which range from broad trails to narrow mountain paths and you don’t have to bring ropes, crampons or ice axes with you. Along the way you will discover some of the most unique sites of the entire alpine area. In order to fully enjoy this marvelous experience, there are some hints for hiking in complete safety in the Alps:


Even though the Via Transalpina does not require specific mountaineering experience, always consider your current physical shape and that of your group members before embarking on this wonderful journey, acknowledging also one’s capabilities and limits. Furthermore, suitable footwear and surefootedness are essential elements for an exciting mountain hike.
Although along the trail you can also find pharmacies (especially within cities and villages), hospitals (within cities) and medicine chests in some accommodation facilities, please be advised to bring essential First Aid Tools with you.
For emergencies, please call the 112.


As in life, even while hiking through the mountains you always have to have a plan. Being prepared for eventual occurrences is especially important during alpine hikes, as the mountain weather sometimes can be quite rough and change drastically. Here careful planning is of the essence. Hiking maps and Apps, literature, the internet and expert advice will provide you with valuable information about the length of the stages, height differences, hiking difficulties and necessary equipment. Careful planning is even more important while hiking with children!


Even though the Via Transalpina is a marked all the way from Oberstdorf to Trieste, be sure to take topographic maps, a compass, a GPS-Device or a smartphone with the Via Transalpina App with you, in order to avoid to get lost during your hike.

During the hike

Try to take regular breaks during your hike in order to avoid exhaustion, especially if you are hiking in great altitudes. Besides the gaining of new energy and preventing dangerous situations, breaks are welcoming opportunities to admire the marvelous landscape, to socialize with other hikers or to simply enjoy this wonderful experience!


One of the key elements, which makes an alpine hike truly unforgettable, is the untouched nature, which can be admired while hiking on the different stages. Please contribute on keeping it that way by following these rules:
a. Stay on marked paths
b. Avoid making loud noises
c. Respect the protected areas and the wildlife
d. Under no circumstances leave rubbish behind

Gain further insights about the territory, which you are about to discover by foot

In order to fully prepare for your unique experience within the Alps you can access the following sites: