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Guides and Hiking Packages

Guides and Hiking Packages

Discover the Via Transalpina

Organized hiking packages or hiking with local guides are great possibilities in order to save time and gain even deeper insights of the alpine area

You want to dive even further into the alpine experience? The discover the Via Transalpina by participating in organized trips with local guides and holiday packages! You will have the unique possibility to gain valuable insights about the features of the area, the local traditions and enogastronomy, the cultural and natural sites, the developments of the recent past and the peculiarities of the territory.

Local guides in the Alps:

A unique opportunity to discover the Via Transalpina

The local guides can make the difference between a good and an exceptional hike

Even though a self-guided hike along Via Transalpina is already an unforgettable experience by itself, deciding to hike with local guides in the Alps can be even more rewarding, not having to think about all the details yourself but having to worry only about enjoying the adventure by absorbing all the positive impressions you will gain. For additional information, please contact the respective alpine clubs and tourism offices.

Hiking packages in the Alps:

The different hiking packages offered in order to experience the Via Transalpina

Discovering the Via Transalpina in a smooth and safe way

They can be a time-saving alternative for organizing your unforgettable journey through the Alps. Continue reading and discover the variety of different hiking packages offered by our partners, in order to let you experience to the fullest your adventure on the Via Transalpina.